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Interested in Energy Efficiency, but not sold on the benefits? Take a look at what Missourians have already done using incentives from their utilities!

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John Wrightfield – 


Our home was built during 2013 with the intent to be solar oriented, energy efficient, and smart. Platte-Clay Electrical Cooperative in Kearney, MO was a huge resource in the development of our home’s sustainability.
The builder we used was in tune with constructing well-insulated homes (2X6 walls with blown-in cellulose) and was very agreeable with our sustainable — and many energy saving — ideas and products, which I gleaned from the internet. The majority of our home appliances are also ENERGY STAR rated. We also applied water conservation practices to reduce consumption as well.
Like so many things, great ideas often were accompanied by great expense, so we had to choose the practical side at times — for instance, installing ceiling light tunnels, never worked out. Still, I believe we achieved, a home that is energy conscious, sustainable, and feasible. We are realizing sizable paybacks with much lower energy usage than the smaller, less efficient house that was sold.
Pictured below:
Two Honeywell smart (controllable remotely through a smartphone) thermostats up & down.
Bosch closed-loop geothermal HVAC system (John’s greatest energy asset).
John Wrightfield.

Two Honeywell smart (controllable remotely through a smartphone) thermostats up & down.Bosch closed-loop geothermal HVAC system (our greatest energy asset).John Wrightfield

Steve O’Rourke – 


Steve O’Rourke is a member of the Missouri Chapter of the Sierra Club, supporter of Renew Missouri, and he works for Microgrid Energy in St. Louis. Steve took advantage of a few energy efficient upgrades for his home. He installed a tankless water heater, replaced old light bulbs with LED light bulbs, and took advantage of Ameren & Laclede energy efficiency rebate programs. Steve also participated the Energize Missouri Homes program from 2010-2011. These upgrades cut Steve’s electricity usage in half over 4 years through a combination of the above efficiency measures and conserving energy when possible. After making these home energy improvements, Steve then installed renewable energy to help offset some of his remaining bill owed to Ameren Missouri.

Pictured below:
Tankless Water Heater
Steve O’Rourke
Tankless Water HeaterSteve O'Rourke

Steve Oaks-


We bought a foreclosed HUD home in 2008 and it needed lots of improvements, and thanks to the market situation at the time we could afford making it energy efficient.

A few years ago, we did an energy audit. Our post audit improvements included new windows, new Exterior Insulated Finish System (EIFS), programmable thermostat, and blown in insulation added to our walls and attic. The insulation improvement alone resulted in a 47% decrease in our natural gas heating! And we haven’t stopped; I’m currently doing some insulation work in the basement. Overall, the post energy audit showed a 55% decrease in air leakage in our home.

The rebates we used for these improvements were from Missouri Gas Energy and Kansas City Power and Light for $600 each. We didn’t have to pay our utility bills for 2 years!

steve1 steve2

Jim Jordan–Maplewood, MO (Not Pictured)


 Jim has taken many steps in ensuring his home is energy efficient. He has installed CFL and LED light bulbs, high efficiency appliances, solar PV, and additional insulation. In addition, he has tuned his HVAC system, and incorporated these measures into an effort to design and build his home to be sustainable and accessible.

The whole experience in making Jim’s home energy efficient has left him very pleased. Jim has a disabled son, whose disabilities requires him to constantly run the AC, leading to a large monthly power bill. After embracing these energy efficiency measures, Jim now pays less than $300 ANNUALLY.


Daniel Berg—St. Louis, MO (Not Pictured)


 Daniel used an Ameren MO rebate to replace his central A/C with a more energy efficient model. His home is now a highly insulated, passively heated, all electric home.

Since the improvements, Daniel was net energy negative between April and September of 2015! From October of 2015 through March 2016, his overall energy bills came out to roughly $60/month!


Bernard Waxman—Olivette, MO (Not Pictured)


 Bernard turned a $150 rebate into a solar system that now generates more electricity than he can use! His home now generates roughly 40-50% of its heat from solar power.


Anne Miller—Kirkwood, MO (Not Pictured)


 Anne didn’t have a utility rebate to fall back on, but she didn’t let that stop her from making her home energy efficient.

“We first added blown-in insulation, then when reroofing we had a ‘white roof’ installed. We had 2” of extra insulation under that. All our windows have been replaced over time, so they are double pane. Sockets on our outer walls have the added extra insulation pad. We put shade sails up over the deck each summer to help shade the South facing windows.”

“One of the best effects of the energy efficiency is that the heat is more even around the house. We could not quantify the savings, as the changes have been gradual. As the utility costs have gone up, I think our costs have not gone up at the same rate, but we did not see any dramatic drop at any one time. We always try to use washer/dryer/dishwasher in the evening or early AM, to avoid peak energy. The local utility (Kirkwood Electric) does not have any mechanism to recognize or mitigate energy costs for this type of activity.”

 Testimonials provided by the Missouri Chapter of the Sierra Club.

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