Current Charter of the Missouri Energy Efficiency Advisory Collaborative (“MEEAC”) can be found here.

The Missouri Statewide Collaborative is a group of stakeholders organized to guide the State in how it pursues utility-sponsored energy efficiency programs. Since 2011, the Statewide Collaborative has held a forum once per year to hear presentations from utilities and regulators, share lessons learned, and discuss new statewide approaches to the energy efficiency resource in Missouri.

This year’s meeting of the Statewide Collaborative is scheduled for November 22, 2016, from 9:30 am – 1:00 pm in Jefferson City. You can find this year’s agenda here. Following the meeting, you can find a copy of the minutes here.

Authority for the Statewide Collaborative

The Public Service Commission’s MEEIA rules require that the Collaborative exist, meet at least once per year, and address certain deliverables and tasks. See the PSC’s MEEIA rule at 4 CSR 240-20.094(8)(B):

(B) State-Wide Collaboratives. Electric utilities and their stakeholders shall form a state-wide advisory collaborative to: 1) address the creation of a technical resource manual that includes values for deemed savings, 2) provide the opportunity for the sharing, among utilities and other stakeholders, of lessons learned from demand-side program planning and implementation, and 3) create a forum for discussing statewide policy issues. Collaborative meetings are encouraged to occur at least once each calendar year. Staff shall provide notice of the statewide collaborative meetings and interested persons may attend such meetings.

While the PSC is primarily responsible for the Statewide Collaborative, the Collaborative itself is not limited to investor-owned utilities, or even to electric efficiency programs. Municipal and rural electric cooperative utilities also participate, along with water and gas utilities.

There are ongoing efforts to expand the role and scope of the Collaborative, as well as to address the specific duties of the Collaborative. To learn more about the current development of a Statewide Technical Resource Manual as required by the above rule, please click here.

Attendees at meetings of the Statewide Energy Efficiency Collaborative usually include: Missouri PSC Commissioners; PSC Staff; the Division of Energy; the Office of Public Counsel; representatives from Missouri’s investor-owned utilities (IOUs), municipal utilities, and rural electric cooperative utilities; groups representing industrial, commercial, and residential, and low-income customers; non-profit advocates of energy efficiency, and environmental groups; and efficiency businesses.