View Missouri’s current Statewide TRM here.

A Technical Reference Manual or Technical Resource Manual (“TRM”) is a document containing agreed-upon methodologies for calculating electric and gas energy savings resulting from installations of energy efficiency measures and technologies. A TRM allows utilities, regulators, businesses and stakeholders to work from a common set of assumptions in order to properly design and measure the effect of efficiency programs using a shared construct. Use of a statewide TRM by multiple utilities ensures consistent calculation and reporting of energy and demand savings for the same measures. Currently, Missouri utilities do not have a shared TRM in use.

In 2015, the Missouri Division of Energy (DE) secured a grant to develop a Statewide TRM for the State of Missouri, as part of Governor Jay Nixon’s Comprehensive State Energy Plan. DE has since contracted the Vermont Energy Investment Corporation (VIEC) to work with a large group of stakeholder to develop the Statewide TRM. To learn more about this process, the partners involved, the work plan, and updates on the TRM’s progress toward completion, please click here.

Part of the value of a Statewide TRM is the ability of smaller utilities to design, implement, and evaluate efficiency programs. Relying on an existing TRM removes the need for each municipal and rural electric cooperative utility to create their own savings assumptions, net-to-gross ratios, evaluation criteria. As Missouri’s Statewide TRM is finalized, we hope that smaller utilities find it easier to expand their efficiency portfolios to include proven, successful program models.