Laclede Gas Missouri Energy Efficiency Programs

Laclede Gas currently offers five residential programs and eight commercial & industrial programs. You can find details on all of the programs below or on Laclede’s website at:  You can also contact Laclede Gas’ Efficiency team using the below information

For Residential services: 1-866-542-4352

For Business services: 800-426-5784

Residential Program Rebates

  • Heating water is the 2nd largest energy cost in the typical household. Having an efficient water heater can make a significant difference in a customer’s energy bill.
  • Savings up to $300.

  • Heating and cooling your home is generally the largest energy cost.
  • Furnace systems older than 15 years should be swapped out for a newer, more efficient model for savings on operating costs
  • Rebates up to $300

  • An updated thermostat helps customers plan their energy usage for when they are home and for when they are away for an estimated yearly savings of $180.
  • Rebate is $25 or 50% of the equipment cost, whichever is lower.

  • Boiler technology has improved leaps and bounds in the last 2 decades. An upgraded natural gas boiler gives you the ability to maximize your efficiency with minimal emissions. 
  • Save up to $300.

  • Well insulated homes in conjunction with an integrated heating system are of great benefit to the customer.
  • Rebates up to $450.

      Commercial & Industrial Rebate Programs

Laclede Gas offers several rebate programs for businesses looking to improve efficiency and save money on energy costs. The programs range from standard and custom equipment upgrade rebates to incentives for efficient new construction. Eligibility and rebate rates vary, so check out Laclede Gas’ website below to see what business rebate programs you qualify for:

  • Laclede offers rebates on energy audits at the service location done by a qualified professional (Registered Professional Engineer, Registered Architect, Certified Energy Manager, or equivalent training
    • Energy Audit – <25,000 sq. ft. can turn in to 50% of the audit cost up to $375 per building. >25,000 sq. ft. can turn in to 50% of the audit cost up to $500 per building
    • Energy Audit (Non-profit*) – <25,000 sq. ft. can turn in to 75% of the audit cost up to $600. >25,000 sq. ft. can turn in to 75% of the audit cost up to $750

  • Natural gas heating is more efficient and newer systems can be up to 97% more efficient. Keep your customers warm for a better cost.
  • Rebates up to $500.

  • Smart use of pre-programmed setting can alleviate some energy costs during times that spaces are left unoccupied.
  • Save up to $40 or 50% of the equipment cost.

  • Switching to a modern natural gas boiler can yield great energy savings over time. Minimize emissions and maximize efficiency with one of these newer systems.
  • Save up to $3000.
  • Receive up to $750 for tuning up hot water and/or boiler systems every 2 years.


  • Steam traps are valves used for the removal of condensation and other gases while preventing the passing of steam.
  •  50% of the equipment cost up to $2,500 per program year.

  • Upgrading your water heating system can make your business run smoother and save you operating costs.
  • The ultimate water heating system, the tankless water heater, provide an endless supply of hot water to suit the most demanding applications.
  • Rebate up to $300.

  • Restaurants use 5 to 7 times as much energy as other similar sized businesses.
  • Receive rebates up to 50% on equipment costs.

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