Ameren Missouri Energy Efficiency Programs

Ameren Missouri currently offers seven residential programs and six commercial & industrial programs. You can find details on all of the programs below or on Ameren’s website at: . You can also contact Ameren Missouri’s Efficiency team using the below information

For Residential services: 800.552.7583 and at

For Business services: 877.426.3736

Residential Programs

Ameren offers rebate programs when customers upgrade their heating and cooling system to a new, qualifying high-efficiency system. Rebates for replacing your central air conditioner up to $500, for air-source heat pumps up to $900 and up to $2000 for installing a geothermal heat pump.

Ameren offers help to locate and purchase efficient LED lighting. Use the link above to see their website which can direct you to retailers or online stores who participate in offering discounted efficient lighting.

Ameren offers rebates on purchases of several energy-efficient products for your home.

– $100 rebate when you purchase and install eligible smart thermostat.

– $500 rebate when you purchase and install a new Energy Star certified heat pump water heater.

– $350 rebate when you purchase and install a new Energy Star certified swimming pool pump.

– $50 rebate when you purchase and install a new Energy Star certified room air purifier.

– $20 rebate when you purchase and install a new Energy Star certified room air conditioner.

Multifamily Efficiency Kits Program

Ameren Missouri offers FREE energy-saving products that can help you and your tenants save on energy costs. The Multifamily Efficient Kits Program is available for non-low income multifamily property owners and managers with three or more rental units.

The energy-saving kits will include each of the following:

  • ENERGY STAR® certified LED bulbs (4)
  • Electric hot water pipe insulation
  • Dirty filter alarm (electric forced air heat)
  • High-efficiency faucet aerators (bathroom and kitchen)
  • High-efficiency showerhead

Energy Efficiency Kits – Programs for Schools

Educating our youth about energy efficiency is important to Ameren Missouri. The Energy Efficiency Kits program helps sixth-grade students at participating schools learn about energy efficiency and how to make an impact at their school and home. The  program provides classroom curriculum and Take Action Kits filled with energy-saving products. These items are designed to teach students and parents the energy-savings potential of simple, easy-to-implement energy efficiency and conservation practices. It’s a fun and informative program that encourages students and their families to better manage their energy use and make good decisions about the products they buy.

The FREE Take Action Kit includes these energy-saving products:

  • ENERGY STAR® certified LED bulbs (4)
  • High-efficiency showerhead
  • High-efficiency kitchen faucet aerator
  • High-efficiency bathroom faucet aerator
  • Hot water pipe insulation
  • Flow test bag
  • Dirty furnace filter whistle
  • Shower timer
  • “Turn it off” stickers

The CommunitySavers program has incentives available to make improvements that can help building managers, owners and tenants save on energy costs! In addition to installing free tenant unit upgrades, Ameren’s new and improved CommunitySavers program now offers bonus incentives for standard and custom common area and whole building efficiency improvements. Ameren will install efficiency upgrades designed to make your energy savings start immediately.

The Ameren Missouri Home Energy Report program provides participating customers throughout the Ameren Missouri service territory with personalized information about their energy use to help them save energy and money. The report compares a customer’s home energy use to similar homes in the area, along with personalized recommendations on ways to cut energy costs.

      Commercial & Industrial Rebate Programs


Ameren offers several rebate programs for businesses looking to improve efficiency and save money on energy costs. The programs range from standard and custom equipment upgrade rebates to incentives for efficient new construction. Eligibility and rebate rates vary, so check Ameren’s website below to see what business rebate programs you qualify for:

Incentives are paid on a per-unit-installed basis and are available for a variety of qualified improvements. Projects that include all Standard measures do not require pre-approval unless the incentive is anticipated to be more than $10,000. Eligibility for a Standard Incentive requires customers to install measures achieving a minimum total incentive of $150 per application. All Standard Incentive applications must be submitted within 180 days of equipment invoice date.

If your energy efficiency improvement is not on the Standard Incentives list, it may be eligible for a Custom Incentive. Virtually any cost-effective energy efficiency project qualifies for a BizSavers incentive, including specialized systems and equipment. Custom Incentives are calculated based on the projected annual energy reduction. These incentives require a pre-approval incentive offer before equipment purchase or installation.

Incentives are available for ground-up construction, additions or expansions, building repurposing and complete commercial building restorations. The program encourages building owners and designers to evaluate and install systems with higher energy efficiency than the standard or planned systems. New Construction Incentives must be applied for and approved prior to construction, and purchase and installation of equipment.

Retro-Commissioning improves a building’s operations and maintenance (O&M) procedures to enhance overall building performance. To participate in this program, your facility must have more than 100,000 sq. ft. of conditioned space or systems that exhibit higher than average energy use intensity. Additionally, you may be eligible to receive RCx Incentives for optimization activities for production and process systems. To get started you must use an approved BizSavers RCx service provider.

Ameren Missouri offers enhanced cash incentives for small business customers through the Small Business Direct Install Program. To get started, check to see if your business is eligible.

The EMS Pilot Program offers incentives of 50% toward the eligible EMS project costs. EMS equipment and software is designed to control, monitor, and log energy consumption of an entire building or a specific technology such as lighting or HVAC. The pilot program is available to state certified private and/or public K-12 schools and tax-exempt organizations. Learn more about the EMS Pilot Program.


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